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The Critical Pedagogy Group

The mission of the Critical Pedagogy Group is to promote the development and dissemination of critical practices and scholarship in the teaching of psychology. The work of the group is inspired by critical, feminist, phenomenological, cultural, hermeneutic, and pragmatic thinkers, as well as by many other traditions dedicated to interrogating and challenging assumptions, putting ideas and practices in (historical, cultural, political) context, reflecting on and transforming social and institutional structures, and other critical practices. This group serves as a community for exploring, developing, and sharing how we might teach psychology from these alternative perspectives. The group encourages members to develop content for students in classes taught from these diverse perspectives (e.g., textbooks, articles, multimedia), to articulate philosophies of teaching and learning that reveal new and fruitful directions in the teaching of psychology, and to share teaching practices that are reflective of teaching from critical paradigms.

Newsletters: Fall 2017

Critical Pedagogy Forum


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