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2020 APA Proposals and Presidential Theme

Dear Colleagues,

Deadlines to submit proposals for the APA 2020 convention are fast approaching. Information about the submission process can be found at:

The presidential theme for this year's conference is "Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology in the Service of Practice" (detailed description below). Members are encouraged to think about how their proposed sessions relate to this theme, but as always, proposals on other topics also will be accepted.

For the first time this year, the APA submission portal only will accept poster sessions, symposia, skill-building sessions, and discussion sessions. If you wish to submit an individual paper proposal, please send these submissions directly to the program committee by Nov 22nd (details below).

Important dates:

  • November 22nd: Deadline for submitting individual paper proposals directly to Program Committee at: Submissions should include title, abstract (250 words max), contact details for all presenters, and an indication of preference regarding APA division programming/hospitality suite programming streams.

  • November 22nd: Deadline for submitting papers, discussion sessions, and symposia for the Hospitality Suite Program. Submit to: Submissions should include title, abstract (for symposia, please include a joint abstract of 250 words and individual abstracts of 250 words), and contact details for all presenters.

  • December 2nd: Deadline for submitting proposals for symposia, skill building sessions, discussion sessions, or posters through the APA submission portal.

Best regards,

Erin Thrift, Joe Ostenson, Snjezana Huerta

APA Convention 2020 Program Committee

APA Division 24 - 2020 Presidential Theme Statement

Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology in the Service of Practice

Theoretical and philosophical psychology has a long tradition of excellence, especially with regard to the critical examination and development of ideas. While these endeavors are significant in their own right, theoretical and philosophical psychology can also do much to facilitate the practice of various kinds of psychologists. This year’s theme, “Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology in the Service of Practice,” is intended to bring more attention to the ways in which theoretical and philosophical psychology has, in the past, contributed to practice, and may, in the future, offer new horizons of understanding for practitioners in the field.

More particularly, this theme emphasizes the role that theoretical and philosophical psychology can play in improving various forms of practice, especially those associated with the three SIGS of the division: clinical/counseling, critical pedagogy, and social practice. Thus, this theme invites members of the division to consider what their work has done to contribute to the field—and to the common good—and how they might do this with greater effect in traditional areas of emphasis (clinical and counseling, teaching and learning) as well as more recent forms of practice associated with efforts to promote social justice. Particular views of what more effective forms of practice in these subdomains may entail are especially encouraged. Various types of analyses that set the theoretical-philosophical stage for the development of these views are also encouraged.

Finally, this theme points to the issue of theoretical and philosophical psychology itself as a community of practice. How has it distinguished itself in the history of the field? What values and assumptions have given it shape in its past and present forms? And how may it move fruitfully into the future as a practice?

In these ways, this year’s theme emphasizes the capacity of theoretical and philosophical work to facilitate excellence in psychological practices of all types, including theoretical and philosophical psychology itself.

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