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Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology

Division 24, American Psychological Association



Dear Colleague,


Welcome, and thank you for your interest in joining or rejoining The Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology (STPP).  We hope you will find an intellectual and professional home among our members and through our activities.


The Society engages the philosophical and metatheoretical dimensions of psychology.  The Society and its journal,The Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, are committed to representing and fostering diverse perspectives regarding ontological, epistemological, ethical, and critical issues within disciplinary psychology.Included in the Society's diverse forms of inquiry are conceptual, speculative, theoretical, empirical, clinical, historical, literary, and cultural research.


The Society became a division of APA in 1963.  In recent years its has featured in its Convention Program and Journal such topics as the nature of the self and personhood, consciousness studies, moral psychology, philosophy of psychological science, and interpretive practices in psychology (including phenomenology, hermeneutics, cultural psychology, feminist theory, narrative psychology, and discourse analysis).  Our members work in a variety of academic and professional settings around the globe and have published many significant books and articles, including articles in the Society's Journal, which is now in its 27th year and publishes work by nonmembers as well as members.  We invite you to join us in contributing to this stimulating and meaningful scholarship.


Who Is Eligible?

Membership is open to all who are interested in the theory and philosophy of psychology, whether or not you are a member of APA.  Students at all levels, as well as teachers, researchers, and other professionals from any field or discipline interested in the theory and philosophy of psychology, are welcome to join.


Membership categories include:

  • Member: APA Associates, Members, and Fellows.

  • Professional Affiliate:  Primarily philosophers, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and theologians who do not hold membership in the American Psychological Associations, as well as others concerned with the relationship between psychology and philosophy.

  • Student Affiliate:  Students who are APA members and nonmembers.

The cost of joining the Division will be $35.00 annually for members (pending a vote at the 2009 Business Meeting in Toronto), $20.00 for professional affiliates, and $9.00 for student affiliates.  


Why Join STPP? (Membership Benefits)

To meet the needs of its members, the Society:

  • Publishes bi-annually the high quality journal, The Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, which includes the latest research in the theory and philosophy of psychology.

  • Fosters a scholarly community by facilitating discussions about the theory and philosophy of psychology.

  • Sponsors a bi-annual Mid-Winter Meeting program.

  • Organizes an STPP program at the APA Annual Convention.

  • Maintains a listserv for all members who have access to e-mail.

  • Provides opportunities to participate in the Society's governance.

  • Provides opportunities for members to extend their network among others interested in the theory and philosophy of psychology.

  • Bestows awards including:

    • Student Paper Award An annual award for a student paper (graduate or undergraduate) on a topic in the area of theoretical/philosophical psychology.  A monetary prize and recognition of the author will be given at the business meeting of Division 24 at the APA convention, where the winner will have the opportunity to comment on his/her study.

    • Award for Distinguished Theoretical and Philosophical Contributions to Psychology(established in 1998). This is the Society's highest award and recognizes one of its members each year for lifetime scholarly achievement.

    • Sigmund Koch Award for Early Career Contribution to Psychology (established in 2000). This award is presented to an excellent young psychologist each year who is normally within 10 years of the PhD degree and has made promising contributions to theoretical or philosophical psychology.

    • Distinguished Service Award (established in 1998). This award is intended to recognize substantial contributions to the Society that further the goals of theoretical and philosophical psychology.  It is conferred once per year or less often as determined by the Awards Committee.

    • Theodore Sarbin Award (established in 2005). The Theodore Sarbin Award is intended to honor a specific body of work by an individual psychologist which demonstrates notable achievement in one or more of the fields to which Theodore Sarbin has contributed.  These include narrative psychology, contextualist theory, social psychological theories of hypnosis, and other innovative theoretical work that is "critical" in the broad sense of the term.

The Society maintains a website where visitors may obtain further information about its activities. Please visit us at



How to Join STPP

We are pleased to announce that you can now join STPP and pay for membership online through a secure site on the APA website:


It's easy to join and pay using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, and applicants will receive an email receipt for their payment immediately.


Thank you again for your interest.  I look forward to your membership and participation in the Society.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at  Please address all US Mail correspondence to me at:  Brigham Young University, Department of Psychology, 1001 Kimball Tower, PO Box 25543, Provo, UT 84602-5543.




Jeffrey Reber

Chair, Membership Committee

Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology

American Psychological Association

Letter from our Past Membership Chair

Contact the current Membership Chair with any questions.

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