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Midwinter call for proposals / 2018 presidential theme

Call for proposals for the Division 24 Midwinter meeting are now open! The 2018 Presidential Theme is "Explanations of Psychologists’ Ways of Knowing". We encourage you to address any dimension of this theme in your submission. Submissions are due October 27th. Explaining psychologists’ ways of knowing is a task that is at once philosophical (epistemological) and psychological. For most psychologists, science adequately explains this knowing. However, it is increasingly evident that extra-scientific ways of knowing are present in psychologists’ practices and inquiries; subjectivity, narratives, interpretation, emotions, tradition, and intuition are part of how psychologists know, with cultur

2018 Presidential Theme: Explanations of Psychologists’ Ways of Knowing

Explaining how psychologists know is an epistemological task that is crucial to the discipline and central to theoretical and philosophical psychology. If we don’t have a defensible way or ways of knowing, the entire Psychology endeavor fails, devolving into conflicting claims, potential harm and injustice, loss of credibility, and a failure to make progress in understanding human persons, behavior, and cognitive processes. Division 24 welcomes a broad range of presentations addressing diverse explanations of psychologists’ ways of knowing. A review of most psychology textbooks might lead one to believe that psychologists employ a singular way of knowing—scientific—whose character is well-kn

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