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The Women & Diversity Initiative is part of the Critical Theories and Social Practices special interest group within Div 24. The primary focus of the WDI is to expand Division 24 membership, in keeping with shared goals about inclusion. While all new membership is encouraged, the title of the initiative reflects our intentional hospitality toward and invitations to new members who identify as women, visible minorities, and/or members of marginalized groups. Efforts to foster community among and between new and existing members as part of the WDI will begin by holding monthly zoom calls to discuss topics named in advance, potentially making use of specific (however brief) readings, cultural foci, or other points of interest or concern. All are welcome to participate in the calls, and suggested topics for discussion will not be categorically limited beyond their inclusion in the broader realm of theoretical/philosophical/psychological issues explored by the division. 


Information on upcoming calls to be announced shortly.


Previous talks have included:

Beware the global mental health movement: Why routine depression screening is bad for women's rights and health -Lisa Cosgrove and Akansha Vaswani


Challenging Power Structures of the Academy that Marginalize and Silence Women - MaryBeth Morrissey 


Freud, Foucault, & the #metoo Movement - Cacky Mellor & Erin Thrift

For more information, please contact Cacky Mellor:


Women & Diversity Initiative

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