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2020 CODAPAR Grant Project

Collaboration Strategies for Psychologists and Activists to Protect Immigrants from Harm

Grant Project Summary:

In the United States, 11 million undocumented immigrants face threats such as deportation, violent immigration enforcement, vulnerability for exploitation, family separation, inhumane containment, and overt and subtle discrimination. These persistent threats are one of the most pressing problems of our time and one that demands a multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary response. The proposed APA inter-divisional grant will support the development and advancement of strategies and practices fostering psychologists’ work in multiple capacities and in collaboration with on-the-ground community leaders who are addressing immigrants’ needs. The goal of the proposal is to complete a series of nationwide critical dialogues (nested within regions) that will inform the development of a set of “bottom-up” or grassroots strategies for collaboration among psychologists and community leaders to amplify the advocacy work to protect immigrants. Strategies will be culturally responsive and sensitive to geographical localized contexts and will be made publicly available as a report.

The 2020 project is spearheaded by Germán Cadenas and Divisions 48, 17, and 24 in collaboration with APA Divisions 43, 52, 39, NLPA, 56, and SQIP (part of Division 5).

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