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CODAPAR Grant Project: Oral Histories

On the Shoulders of Activist Scholars: Building Healthy Environments for Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylum-Seekers

A total of 11 Oral History interviews were conducted for the 2019 APA CODAPR Grant Project. The hyperlinks will continually be updated as the transcriptions are finalized for each interview. 

Oral History Archive:

  1. Dr. Michelle Fine interviewed by Dr. Frederick Wertz Sr. (interview & transcript)

  2. Sisters interviewed by Mary Beth Morrissey (interview & transcript)

  3. Professor with Students interviewed by Dr. Frederick Wertz Sr. & Mary Beth Morrissey (interview)

  4. Anonymous interviewed by Mary Beth Morrissey & Elaine Schmidt (transcript)


Wesleyan University Transcripts

  1. Juan Carlos García Rivera interviewed by Ori Cantwell & Carolina Mahedy (transcript)

  2. Mary Beth Morrissey interviewed by Angie Soto & Jahnavi Mehta (transcript)

  3. Anonymous interviewed by Kimberly Lopez Vasquez & Katherine Orozco-Hernandez (transcript)

  4. Anonymous interviewed by Katherine Orozco-Hernandez with Kimberly Lopez Vasquez (transcript)

  5. Kerianne Morrissey interviewed by Jahnavi Mehta & Angie Soto (transcript)

  6. Anonymous interviewed by Hannah Allen (transcript)

  7. Claudette Antuña interviewed by Carolina Mahedy & Ori Cantwell (transcript)


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